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Raised Container Gardening With a Vegepod

When people think of gardening, the image it conjures is someone outside, kneeling on the ground and fiddling with the greenery there. At Vegepod, however, we wanted to bring a newer, more accessible way for people to get in contact with nature.

Vegepod’s are made from recyclable plastic, and come in three sizes  with wheelable stands, so you don’t bend down. They’re self watering  due to an ingenious wicking system that also helps fertilise the plants (the filtered down water is wicked back up to the roots along with the soils nutrients). Vegepod’s were also designed to spray the plants in the Pod by using misters attached to the inside of the Pod’s mesh, eco-climate cover. The container garden’s eco-climate cover is semi-permeable to rain, sunlight and wind which allows the plants inside to receive the benefits all these natural elements without the extreme harshness that could Read More

Ten Steps to Success – Gardening Tips for Beginners

Essential Gardening Tips

Gardening Tip #1: Build on a Good Foundation.

First, you must check the nitrogen and carbon levels in your soil. You want to start with a good foundation to your spring gardening season, and these tips will help. If you have very bad soil, I highly advise that you start with a square foot garden. You can either build a wood box or buy plastic ones from gardeners, which is what I did. You can then add fresh top soil from the store and add mulched and composted leaves. This is the best way to start.

Gardening Tip #2: Ensure Good Drainage.

When you have the square foot garden set up, you must ensure that the drainage is good, otherwise your plants will not survive and your gardening career will be miserable. Be positive that you provide just as much water as the plant needs, and you … Read More

Garden Decor – More Than Just Decorations

Some people may say that the best way to decorate your garden is with flowers and beautiful plants. And yes, this may be true, but there is so much more that you can do! With the proper garden décor, you can turn your garden into your own personal oasis.

Great types of garden décor:

· Garden Benches. What is the point of having a beautiful garden if you do not have a good vantage point to see it from? Setting a garden bench in the midst of your garden gives you the perfect place to sit, relax, and watch your garden grow. A garden bench is not only an inviting place to sit, it is also a beautiful visual addition to almost any garden.

· Bird Bath. There are many styles of birdbaths available these days. There are birdbaths that suit contemporary styles as well as birdbath that suit more … Read More