Raised Container Gardening With a Vegepod

When people think of gardening, the image it conjures is someone outside, kneeling on the ground and fiddling with the greenery there. At Vegepod, however, we wanted to bring a newer, more accessible way for people to get in contact with nature.

Vegepod’s are made from recyclable plastic, and come in three sizes  with wheelable stands, so you don’t bend down. They’re self watering  due to an ingenious wicking system that also helps fertilise the plants (the filtered down water is wicked back up to the roots along with the soils nutrients). Vegepod’s were also designed to spray the plants in the Pod by using misters attached to the inside of the Pod’s mesh, eco-climate cover. The container garden’s eco-climate cover is semi-permeable to rain, sunlight and wind which allows the plants inside to receive the benefits all these natural elements without the extreme harshness that could prevent plants from growing. The cover also acts as a natural pest barrier.